Current Legislative Action- 



Its never over till its over!

Governor Justice has signed our Copay Equity Bill, Com. Sub. for House Bill 2436.  This is the final step for the bill to become law. 

The West Virginia Legislative Session 2023 turned out to be exciting and as productive as always.  WVOTA efforts started with an amazing State Hill Day on February 14 in Charleston at the State Capitol with great participation from many WVOTA members.  They were able to discuss the importance of Occupational
Therapy and the "Fair Copay" bill with their delegates and State Senators. This legislation evolved from a collaboration between WVOTA, APTA-WV, and WVSHA. 


 At various points during the session, it looked like things had stalled and were not going anywhere. However, through the efforts of many members calling and emailing their representatives, HB 2436, with the "Fair Copay" amendment, passed Saturday, March 11, 2023. This bill prohibits "an insurer from imposing a copayment, for services rendered by a licensed occupational therapist, licensed occupational therapist assistant, licensed speech-language pathologist, licensed speech-language pathologist assistant, licensed physical therapist or a licensed physical therapist assistant, that is more than a copayment imposed for the services of a primary care physician or an osteopathic physician." This bill will decrease the financial costs associated with seeking outpatient rehabilitation services and improve access to health care for West Virginians.


Thank you to everyone who helped to pass this bill.


WVOTA Legislative Committee


Sarah Black, Coty Dennler, Mary Hager, Jackie Hurt