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The West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association is a non-profit organization with volunteers that encompasses professionals within the community


Overall purpose: To deeply understand practice in this area in order to strategically meet the needs of practitioners.

Background: These questions were developed through collaboration of the AOTA Children & Youth Special Interest Section (SIS) Standing Committee, attendees of the AOTA Children and Youth Specialty Conference, a select group of AOTA volunteers, as well as specific AOTA practice and policy staff.  This 15-minute survey will inform AOTA about your current and future practice needs and will guide the development of resources and activities for this area of practice.

NBCOT promotes standards of professional conduct in occupational therapy practice. In 2018 the number of disciplinary cases reviewed by NBCOT for OT and OTA practitioners doubled to 159 cases from 79 in 2017. Sanctions were brought against certificants in 34 cases, which violated Principles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 9. The recently issued the following alert:

“The dissemination of personal medical information of a client or patient on social media, in turn violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), is a behavior that has resulted in sanctions or disciplinary actions for OT practitioners and students on fieldwork. It is important to ensure you do not post something that you might regret later or that could be against the law.”

Common violations include posting images and videos without permission, friending current clients and behaving unprofessionally (share/post inappropriate information/images) on Facebook. Copyright violations are also unprofessional conduct. Learn more about common social medial HIPPA violations and other disciplinary actions regarding the improper use of social media here.

For older adults and people with disabilities, health can be enhanced and promoted through support for independent living. Occupational therapy practitioners have a major role in enabling independent living and continued activity in older adults as a means to better health and reduced costs (Clark et al., 1997; Hay et al., 2002; Knapp, Iemmi, & Romeo, 2013). OT practitioners are effective members of their interprofessional team of colleagues. By incorporating interventions that have strong and moderate evidence, such as those listed in the PDF below, occupational therapy practitioners can provide effective, high-quality, and cost-effective

Nominations are accepted until 9/1/2019, 12:00AM

The Elizabeth Devereaux Lectureship Award

This award is presented to an outstanding Occupational Therapy Practitioner  whose leadership has made a difference in the field of occupational therapy and specifically to the profession within West Virginia. This is the highest honor that can be awarded by the Occupational Therapy Association of West Virginia.  The award honors the legacy of leadership and scholarship of Elizabeth Devereaux.  Recipient of the award will be the featured speaker at the annual State Conference the year following receipt of the award. Recipient must be a current member of WVOTA and practitioner for 3 or more years in the state.

Kids with autism are just that—kids. And they want to play! So what are the best toys for autistic kids to encourage that exploration through play? “Their toys don't have to be fancy or special ‘learning toys.’ 

WVOTA Elections are now open.   Elections will close-May 13


The WVOTA Annual Conference

This 2-day Fall conference is your up-close and personal opportunity to learn how WVOTA and AOTA are working to safeguard and advance your OT practice! Earn contact hours, network, and gain free $ towards NBCOT. Food and drinks provided!

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