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The West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association is a non-profit organization with volunteers that encompasses professionals within the community


Kids with autism are just that—kids. And they want to play! So what are the best toys for autistic kids to encourage that exploration through play? “Their toys don't have to be fancy or special ‘learning toys.’ 

WVOTA Elections are now open.   Elections will close-May 13

State Hill Day February 12, 2019 was a big success. Students and WVOTA members to be introduced in the Senate Chamber by Senator Boso and later introduced in the House.

Talking points included explaining what occupational therapy is and HB 2697 and SB. 492. Occupational Licensing Consumer Choice Act, explaining that we are opposed to this bill unless an amendment is brought forward to include occupational therapy as one of the exempted health care professions.  This bill was killed in committee!  

What exactly is occupational therapy, aka OT?

Is it like physical therapy? Is it helping people find jobs?

Well, it could be. But it's way more than that. I think a better question would be “what isn’t OT?”

The term occupation refers to any meaningful activity that occupies your time. Literally. Anything. Not just your job. Is brushing your teeth meaningful for you? You might not think so... Until you are no longer able to do it, and then all of a sudden brushing your teeth becomes the most important thing in the world to you.

WVOTA is continuing to monitor and report to the membership on the Education Reform Bill also referred to the Omnibus Bill.  Today in the House of Delegates during the introduction of bills Delegate Amy Summers (R-Taylor) proposed a motion for the House to postpone a Senate education bill indefinitely.

Delegate Summers motioned that the motion to postpone the bill be tabled. The House then voted on Summers' motion to table which passed 52-44 with four members absent. The House referred Senate Bill 451 to the Committee on Education and then Finance.

WHEELING — A bill dealing with how occupations are licensed in West Virginia has caused concern this week among some health care professionals, but the legislation’s lead sponsor says parts of the measure were submitted in error.

Delegate Gary Howell, R-Mineral, said all licensed and accredited health care professionals should have been excluded from the provisions set forth in House Bill 2697, known as “The Occupational Licensing Consumer Choice Act.” The bill’s purpose, as outlined in HB 2697, is to “expand opportunities, promote innovation and increase competition by allowing consumers to make decisions in hiring and contracting with providers of their choice.”


The WVOTA Annual Conference

This 2-day Fall conference is your up-close and personal opportunity to learn how WVOTA and AOTA are working to safeguard and advance your OT practice! Earn contact hours, network, and gain free $ towards NBCOT. Food and drinks provided!

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