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The West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association is a non-profit organization with volunteers that encompasses professionals within the community

Continuing Education

As the only professional association representing occupational therapists in the state of West Virginia, WVOTA is strongly dedicated to prioritizing continuing education by making it accessible and affordable to practitioners. We are in the process of expanding our website capabilities which will enable the following offerings to our members:

Online education  Admission to free and low-cost learning offered by AOTA and other highly reputable sources for OT continuing education. This will include access to journal articles and other educational resources, with the ability to participate in online exams for continuing education credit. 

Webinars  Classroom-like experiences conducted by members and others teaching on emerging trends and best practices. These opportunities are especially valuable in our beloved state in which travel “over the mountains and through the woods” makes it difficult to attend seminars located outside of our local vicinity and is also challenging for out-of-state trainers to travel here.

Ongoing connection to online resources  The ability to use the WVOTA website as a conduit for information about OT licensure, continuing education resources, and relevant events nationwide!

WVOTA is excited about ongoing website enhancements that elevate our capability to provide essential continuing education opportunities to our members!

WVOTA Annual Conference

A Brief Description

Every Fall, usually in October, WVOTA convenes a statewide, 2-day conference as an opportunity for its members and other OT practitioners to grow. Held in a different location of our beautiful state each year, our conference is always well-attended by about 150 participants – and growing!

Who Can Attend? What are the Benefits?

All are welcome, including WVOTA members (who receive a discounted rate), non-member OT practitioners, and the general public. By being part of this annual event, attendees:

  • Gain new information that supports best practices 
  • Participate in continuing education that may advance knowledge in a specific practice or setting
  • Prepare for the NBCOT, get state licensure questions answered, and engage in career advancement activities
  • Receive continuing education credits that are required to maintain and renew licensure
  • Network and socialize with other OT practitioners and be energized by learning: what barriers have they overcome? How might your own experience inspire others? Many find this to be the most valuable part of the conference!
  • Learn and leave with renewed energy, highly relevant information, and meaningful connections!

Conference Format

Day 1 is usually a half-day consisting of a keynote address, board meeting, and evening networking/social activity.

Day 2 is a full-day consisting of 3 “tracks,” each of which reflects emerging practices and the needs of occupational therapists in West Virginia. One track is often devoted to students and emphasizes preparation for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam and resume writing. All are welcome to attend any track.

Each year, special features of the conference include:

  • Awards ceremony
  • Student scholarships
  • Fundraising auction, with proceeds going to WVOTA’s student scholarship fund

The WVOTA Annual Conference – a time of learning, reconnection, and renewal for occupational therapists!



The WVOTA Annual Conference

This 2-day Fall conference is your up-close and personal opportunity to learn how WVOTA and AOTA are working to safeguard and advance your OT practice! Earn contact hours, network, and gain free $ towards NBCOT. Food and drinks provided!

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