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The West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association is a non-profit organization with volunteers that encompasses professionals within the community

Friday, SB 273 passed out of the House Judiciary Committee. As we said, Occupational Therapy is back in SB 273.

Now we need your help to email or phone all members of the House to support the House Committee Substitute SB 273 that includes occupational therapy. The vote in the whole house will be taken either saturday (tomorrow) or Monday.

Today with all of your help and Sarah Black participating in the House Health and Human Service Committee meeting, Occupational Therapy is back in SB 273. 

NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP TO EMAIL or PHONE the members of the House Judiciary Committee to support the House Committee Substitute SB 273 that includes occupational therapy. The vote may be taken sometime Friday. 

Please see Attached letter that you can fill in to assist with supporting efforts to include Occupational Therapy into SB 273 (Opioid Reduction Bill)

We need YOU to continue to call YOUR delagates in the Health and Human Resource Committee!!!!!

PLEASE...... DO YOUR PART as an Occupational Therapy professional...... to include Occupational Therapy into this very important Senate Bill 273

We  wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU to those who have made calls to your legislative representatives..... THEY ARE HEARING US and we need to continue to be aware of the next steps of this process...

I went to the capital this morning and have been in communication with Mary Hager (WVOTA legislative chair) daily. I met with various delegates and senators and the secretaries have said, "oh yes, we have been getting calls" SO AGAIN A BIG THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!...

Please take this time as an OT/ OTA professional to assist with increased opportunities for Occupational Therapists to work within the mental health settings, drug rehab facilities and pain clinics.

SB 273 (Opioid Reduction Bill) will be discussed in the House Health and Human Resource Committee and House Judiciary Committee this week. Please contact the Judiciary Committee members NOW by email or leave a voicemail asking them to include occupational therapy in SB 273 (Opioid Reduction Bill). Also leave your name and phone number.


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